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Untitled (Bike Path)

October 9, 2002
Oil on Canvas
12.75" x 12.5"

Who would want to head round there at this time though? Its not yet dark but the light is fast failing and the way the branches reach out and entwine overhead he could easily be hit by something and knocked off riding like that. And on the cliff path, how sure would the horse be about picking its way down?

Salvia grips the handlebars and just cycles. At least she has lights. Tonight shes even prepared to wear the fluorescent yellow jacket her mother bought her and which normally stays scrunched away in the saddle-bag. She feels a bit like an accident waiting to happen. She might as well try to keep the odds in her favour until she can get back to the house and collapse and sleep.

October 10, 2002
Extract from Vitalize
by Pauline Masurel