In December 2003, I received a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art.   Since graduation, I have worked in a variety of styles and genre.   I have painted flowers (real and imagined), portraits and, landscapes (again, real and imagined).   I am also interested in the concept of the importance of memory in the development of identity and am currently working with images from my past, and that of my parents, incorporating them into paintings and manipulating them in various ways.

Like many artists, I frequently paint in series.   I will find an object or an image and produce a series of drawings, paintings and, prints using that image.    In the last several years I have created series paintings of frogs, sunflowers and (of course) cats.

During the fall of 2002, I became involved in a collaborative project with Pauline Masurel, a writer, living in England.   This project resulted in the production of 53 paintings and the draft of a novel.   (For more information about the project click here.)

Since the summer of 2000, I have attended a workshop in Maine, taught by Jon Imber which has been very instructive and enjoyable.   I hope to continue painting in Maine, either as part of the workshop or on my own.    The place I go, Stonington, is a working fishing town which is still largely unspoiled and quite beautiful.   Additionally, I planted a perennial garden in my backyard and have started drawing from that.   I imagine that I will start painting there before long.