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Untitled (Vietnam Storefronts)

November 9, 2002
Oil on Canvas
24.5" x 18.75"

The rain eases up in the afternoon and Natalie and Miranda join them for a stroll around the sea-front fairground. Solomon finds such places rather tawdry even when they’re alive. Today almost everything is completely boarded up and closed down.

It doesn’t look particularly enticing, or even open, but Salvia enters the maw beneath its saggy canopy. She taps on the window of the ticket office to smooth talk the man in attendance into letting them take a ride. Eventually he seems to realise that he might as well take her money for a quieter life. Nat and Miranda stand by the next car to double his custom but strangely he takes one look at them and says, "Couples only."

Miranda puts a protective arm around Natalie’s waist and says beligerently, "So?" Nat giggles fetchingly and rests her head against Miranda’s shoulder. Salvia joins in, sounding bolshie, "If you discriminate against them then I’m telling the council. You’ll never operate round here again." Solomon leaves the three of them to it. They’re having too much fun at someone else’s expense for him to intervene. He’s just grateful they’ve not rounded on him yet.

November 10, 2002
Extract from Vitalize
by Pauline Masurel